Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Washington Youth Soccer State Championship tournament for the age group.
Girls Under 19/20 7 - New Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Washington Rush
Washington Rush G00 A
113353012   Kevin Sakuda
 A2 Eastside F.C.
G00 G01 Eastside Reign A2
201107300   Oguzhan Erkut
 A3 Seattle United
Seattle United G00 Copa A
104162039   Miranda Armstrong
 A4 Three Rivers Soccer Club
3RSC G00/01 RCL Black
n/a   Ben Rotert
 B1 Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club
GS Surf G00 A
806182038   Vallan Seid
 B2 SSC Shadow
Spokane Sounders G00 Rave
n/a   Daniel Philp
 B3 Pacific Northwest Soccer Club
PacNW G00 Maroon A
n/a   Lyndsey Patterson